First Light Widowed Association is a not-for-profit charity organisation that connects young widowed people from all background and relationship structures to resources, programs and a community that will support them through the overwhelming task of re-building their world after the loss of the life they knew and the future they'd planned for.
Along with supporting the young widowed community in Australia, First Light also strives to help the family and friends of widowed people understand the best way to support their loved one during this most difficult time.

Widowhood can be a very isolating and at times lonely experience; one which changes the course of one's life and throws us into a situation that we can never prepare for. 

The challenges of widowhood vary and change as time and life inevitably 'go on', but the pain of such a loss remains. Sometimes we carry that loss with ease and other times the weight is far too heavy.

In our experience, we have found that strength, inspiration and the first light of hope can come from connecting with those who relate to what we are going through, because they are living it themselves. 

Sharing your sadness, frustrations, humour and advice with those who have a very real idea of what it's like to walk in your shoes can do so much to improve the quality of your day and give you the courage and assurance to rebuild your life while carrying your loss.

Knowing that you're not alone has tremendous power.  And so, it is with these intentions in mind that we have formed First Light Widowed Association Inc.