Thank you for your interest in attending an upcoming First Light event. Please review and advise your preferences regarding use of photos and videos that may be taken during the event.

    First Light Widowed Association may use images and videos of volunteers and event attendees to raise awareness of our organisation and programs.


    Photography consent details

    - to First Light Widowed Association Inc, and its representatives making images or recordings, whether sound, digital or otherwise, of me and the subjects

    - to using, publishing or reproducing the images and recordings in any form (in whole or in part) and by any medium, including but not limited to third party social media websites, newspapers, magazines, brochures, television advertisements, promotional videos, websites, CD-ROM or other multi-media, for public relations, promotions, commercial and advertising purposes

    - to retaining or storing the images and recordings in hard copy or digitally, including but not limited to, deposit of the images and recordings into a secure image library

    - that the rights granted to First Light Widowed Association Inc in this Photography Consent agreement are perpetual and that I will not receive any payment, royalty or other consideration (whether monetary or otherwise) in connection with the making, use or storage of the images and recordings

    - that any promotional materials which refer to me, or the subjects, expressly or by implication, are, at the date of publication, made in good faith and are not intended to defame or offend me or the subjects or bring me or the subjects into disrepute

    - that First Light Widowed Association Inc is the owner of the copyright in the images and recordings and the physical images and recordings.

    Any conditions and limitations to the above