Redefining widowhood

Presenters: Anita Coyle and Mel Shore

Many widows and widowers have strong feelings about the word “widow”. Join Anita and Mel, the hosts of the Widow We Do Now? podcast as we have fun exploring different ways to think of this title forced upon us.

This is a fun and interactive session exploring what the term “widow” means, how to go about navigating it, and finding superpowers.

About Anita and Mel

Anita and Mel are two widows who grew up six houses away from each other, but never connected until their husbands died. Stupid death! Anita was 38 and Mel 35 at the time of joining the widowed world.

After becoming friends and supporting each other through the crazy roller coaster called grief, they started referring to one another as “widow wife”, even they don’t know what it means. But they enjoy the looks they get from others trying to understand.

While trying to figure out what “to do” with their grief, they landed on creating a podcast. And while the podcast is grief themed with real and authentic experiences, surprisingly, it’s not a total downer! The podcast is called Widow We Do Now? and features topics relevant to partner loss, interviews with the widowed community, and experts on psychology, resilience, healing, therapy, and a whole bunch of other things.

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