Moving sideways

Presenter: Caroline Winter

At the age of 37, Caroline found herself suddenly widowed and her life changed forever. There were no children, no pets, just her and a big empty house with all of ‘us’ in it. 

In this interactive and forward-focussed session, Caroline will share some tools that she used to bring the ‘old Caroline’ into her new world and give Campers some helpful language to use in those difficult moments with friends, family, or during their own self-reflection. 

Caroline will also share her story of love and loss and finding another way to live after losing a partner, other than to just ‘move on’ – including what life looks like today, ten years on, with two husbands in her heart. She will talk about emerging from the fog of grief and how she learned to live again including the tips she learnt along the way.

The days, months and years after her husband’s death, would redefine Caroline and her approach to life, and as she reflects on the past decade, she feels proud of who she has become, “I’m still me, but with a cherry on top!”

About Caroline

Caroline is a podcast producer, radio presenter, TV producer and journalism trainer and dog lover who has spent her career telling other peoples stories. She has a curiosity for what makes people tick and has a passion for social justice and investigating issues that bring about change. 

She loves nothing more than to listen first and talk later, but recently has begun sharing her own story of becoming widowed, in the hope that her experience may cast the tiniest light for someone else experiencing loss.

Caroline has had a fascination with missing things since she was a child. Maybe it’s the journalist in her, and a strange curiosity for where things go. 

Missing things like that other earring you can never find, artworks that get lost, socks that disappear in the wash. But especially when people go ‘missing’. She used to wonder what it would be like if someone you loved walked out the door one day and never came back. Then in July 2013, she stopped having to wonder, when her husband died suddenly while away rally car driving with a friend.

Hope, community, understanding

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