Working widowed – how to find, change or love your work again

Presenter: Christy Wassermann-Frank

This session is for people who want help returning to work or changing jobs after loss and re-establishing their professional identity. 

The thought of transitioning back into the working world on your own can be overwhelming. You might be struggling to figure out what to do next or where to start. Uncertainty and confusion creeps in and we’ll often question our worth, fall into self-doubt and feel stuck. The good news is there is a way to figure it out and take action.

In this session, Christy will guide you through the steps to take you from surviving to thriving in your career. Also, giving practical tips to transition you back into work, explain gaps in your resume for grief or carer’s time and how to cope with a full day and widow/er brain. 

About Christy

Christy is a successful corporate executive; the author of the best-selling career development book “Stand Out & Succeed” and a former career coach and speaker.

In 2017, after a two-year battle with Leukaemia, Christy’s husband, Bastian, died. She became a widow at the age of 41 and the only parent to her four-year-old son. After the death of her husband, she faced returning to work after years off as a carer and in grief. Christy understands how difficult it is navigating your way through these traumatic life events and how challenging it is to take the reins back with your work. That’s why she is passionate about helping widow/ers transition back to work and find fulfilment.

Hope, community, understanding

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