Surviving grief through meditation, gratitude and connection

Presenter: Cobie Lee

In this workshop, Cobie offers practical advice and guidance to help cope with the grief and loss experienced by surviving partners. As someone who has gone through the pain and hardship of losing a spouse, Cobie provides reassurance of hope and healing ahead.

The workshop will explore the powerful tools of mindfulness, gratitude, and connection. Despite some misconceptions about mindfulness being just for hippies, Cobie demonstrates how this valuable tool can be used to help individuals navigate even the toughest days. Participants will learn about living in the present moment, letting go of negative thoughts and patterns, and different types of meditation. Additionally, Cobie will recommend mindfulness apps and podcasts that can be used to help get you started.

While it is natural to focus on what is wrong after losing a loved one, research suggests that practising gratitude has lasting effects on the brain, helping people feel happier and less depressed. In the workshop, participants will discuss different ways to cultivate gratitude in their lives and how it can help them cope with their grief. Cobie encourages participants to keep a gratitude journal or find a gratitude buddy, emphasising how transformative this can be.

The workshop will also explore how healing through connection is possible if individuals allow themselves to be vulnerable and open with others. Cobie discusses the importance of being honest about pain and grief and how connecting with new people or rekindling relationships with those you have lost touch with can be helpful. Participants will learn how they can help themselves while also helping others.

So why not join Cobie for this workshop and learn how to cope with your grief and loss using the power of mindfulness, gratitude, and connection.

About Cobie

Cobie is a 42-year-old mum of three and a primary school teacher living in the Illawarra, NSW.

In 2013 life was good with her husband Joseph and their young family; with two adorable boys and a daughter on the way. However, her life was soon turned upside down in an instant when her husband Joseph passed away in a tragic accident.

Despite the immense pain and grief, Cobie was able to rebuild her life with the support of her family, friends, and a good psychologist. She discovered the power of mindfulness, gratitude, and connecting with other widowed people, which helped her move forward into a different, yet happy life.

Cobie is an active member of the widowed community, both in her local area and around Australia. She is passionate about mental health and believes in using positive coping mechanisms, like mindfulness and gratitude to manage stress and grief. Through her experiences and insights, Cobie provides support and inspiration to others who have experienced a similar loss.

Hope, community, understanding

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