How food can support your grief process

Presenter: Dana Jackson Kruse

As a young widow, the kitchen was the place where Dana was best able to express her feelings. Cooking became her go-to coping tool. Recipe by recipe, she made her way through the sudden death of her husband and found both solace and inspiration along the way. Eventually Dana’s love for cooking led to a desire to learn all she could about the benefits of better nutrition and healthy food choices.

This workshop will help incorporate healthy whole foods into your everyday life.  Dana believes nutrition is the key to help reduce stress, illness, and inflammation, increase energy, and maintain an even balance. The right nutrition program can be the best preventative medicine, especially for those struggling through the death of their person. Join Dana to discuss how even small shifts in food choices can help to balance your emotional, mental and physical self – leaving you with more energy as you recreate your life bite by bite.

About Dana

Dana Jackson Kruse holds a master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. She loves to cook, make herbal tinctures & teas and hang out with her family including her favourite dogs, Bella and Dexter. Dana has been the Soaring Spirits International Camp Widow Operations Manager for 13 years and has blended her love of nutrition with her dedication to helping widowed people to present this valuable workshop.

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