Behind and beyond the mask

Presenter: Joan Wilson-Jones

We live in a society that doesn’t always do grief well. People want to try to cheer us up, they long for us to move on because our pain is often too raw and too difficult for people to manage. All too often in a bid to fit in, to not rock the boat, we pretend – we put on the mask. The mask is exhausting, it can mean that our feelings and our pain are hidden, and we can end up feeling invisible and broken (and we aren’t broken, we’re hurting).

This session looks at how we can be real in our grief, how we can honour our sacred pain AND how we can authentically live behind and beyond the mask. Joan will offer real strategies for managing the plethora of expectations surrounding us while still being true to ourselves, as well as proven ways for us to move forward (we don’t get over it), in honest, healthy, genuine ways.

About Joan

Joan Wilson-Jones was widowed in January 2007. A professional public speaker, workshop presenter, coach and funeral celebrant (with many decades experience), Joan works closely with people in grief, supporting them to successfully navigate the challenges and hurdles of life after loss (and particularly after the loss of a partner or spouse).

Joan’s work is practical, fully evidence based and proven (through her own experience and those of her clients). An energetic, vibrant presenter, Joan’s sessions are engaging, informative and real – her work goes beyond theory offering practical strategies and ideas.

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