Tips that get me through - A candid and practical session to help you through “those days”

Speaker: Kate Nuttall

Kate candidly shares her story of her loss and shares how her community has helped her along as she adjusted to being a widow and a 'single mum'. Kate has some interesting learnings on her own biases and adjustments since Tim's death as well as interesting reflections on her children's adaptability.

Kate’s session focusses on seven practices (or tips) that she found (and still uses) for those days when you feel like everything is on top of you. These practices have helped bring calm, energy and strength to keep moving forward when your life is crazy busy, complex and when if feels “unfair”.

Don’t worry, Kate won’t make you share or speak if you don’t want to, but you will get the most out of this session if you have a go at some of the exercises.

About Kate

Kate was widowed when she was 46 – a week before her 47th birthday.  Kate’s husband Tim was 54 when he died suddenly from complications after he contracted the flu.

Kate and Tim have three children together and Kate has four step children, two from Tim’s previous marriage and her current partner Peter, has two boys.

Kate is a qualified Human Resources professional and has over 20 years experience in group and human behaviour. She is passionate about building and executing people interventions that add real value to the business and to customers through strong actionable leadership, performance, talent, culture and engagement platforms and credits this background as a great source of strength in dealing with the loss of Tim.

In 2017 Kate was selected to take part in the International Womens Fellowship program.  When Tim died suddenly Kate postponed her session and was accepted into the 2018 program.  Some of the tips Kate shares she learnt from her experiences at this program and she has been able to bring them into her busy life.  These practices have helped Kate find calm, order and at times “power” to deal with the complexities of widowed life.

Kate has been published in mamamia and has been interviewed for a podcast on empathy.


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