Keeping your cup full

Speaker: Lara Ryan

Join experienced naturopath Lara Ryan as she shares her gentle, effective and natural strategies for managing anxiety and stress, looking after your nervous system and enjoying better health and more energy after experiencing trauma.

In this workshop Lara will share naturopathic wisdom and all the tricks and tips she has learnt along the way to help you re-build your health and keep it that way, to manage anxiety, overwhelm and stress and to fill your cup for better health, more energy, clearer thinking, and a little more peace amongst the chaos. 

About Lara

Lara is a Sydney-based solo mumma of two spirited young girls on a mission to educate, inspire and improve people’s health so they can live a peaceful, fulfilling life.

This mission became a very personal journey of rebuilding her own health, prioritising easy and adaptable self-care and learning to build resilience when she lost her wife of ten years in a pedestrian accident when their youngest daughter was only three weeks old.

Lara has a professional background in International Public Health, Naturopathy, Nutrition , Herbal medicine and homoeopathy and has been working in clinical practice and as a practitioner educator in both Australia and abroad for over 20 years.

Lara has become an accidental activist in her community in the areas of LGBTQIA rights, organ donation and grief awareness. She writes regularly about her own travels through chronic illness, loss, grief, solo parenting and other matters of the heart that involve building resilience, strength and resolve to find our way back to joy.

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