Loving life after loss

Presenter: Marie Alessi

In this session, Marie will show you a different way to handle anger, when it seems to be your only form of expressing emotions. She will share her personal journey with anger, and how she learned to embrace it on her path to healing. Sometimes anger can blindside you; it comes out of nowhere, and many do not know how to deal with anger.

Marie will take you through a back door, to learn to not only understand anger, but how to befriend it! Yes, you read that right: Befriend it; to make it a more peaceful companion on your journey through grief – one that leads you to healing on a deeper level!

Marie will (re)introduce you to three friends of yours along the way, who will walk this journey with you – you know these friends, they’ll be at Camp Widow® with you. We call them your Inner Child, your Own Best Friend, and your Higher Self!

The session will be as interactive as the audience allows it to be. Marie is experienced in group work and believes in the power of community – we don’t heal well in isolation.

About Marie

Marie Alessi lives in the beautiful Illawarra, just south of Sydney, and is a proud Mumma bear of two teenage sons. In 2019, the year after losing her husband to a brain aneurysm, she founded a global movement, named after her first bestseller “Loving Life after Loss”, to challenge the narrative of grief. Marie has dedicated the past four years to guiding people on their unique healing journeys. In 2022, she published her second book “Happy Healing” and delivered her TEDx talk “Redefining our Image of a Widow”.

Marie has become a shining example of choosing love over fear.

She has been featured in publications such as Channel 7, Channel 9 and Sydney Morning Herald’s lifestyle sections, Mamamia, and Good Health. She speaks on podcasts regularly and has found her passion in Healing. Her Retreats leave people transformed with a newfound zest for life.

You can connect with Marie via her website here.

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