Arbor-Dama - creative plant workshop

Presenter: Melissa Conley

Horticultural therapy and engaging with nature has been proven to have a positive impact on emotional wellbeing, helping to reduce stress, sadness, anger and feelings of isolation. Spending time in a creative plant workshop, getting your hands dirty, is a great way to engage in active mindfulness while connecting to nature and engaging the creative side of your brain.

Arbor-Dama combines basic elements of Zen gardening with the simplicity of bonsai in collaboration with kokedama.

Rocks and gravel, wood and simple planting are the important components of Japanese design that we will apply to our latest creative gardening technique.

In this workshop Melissa will guide you through the art of kokedama to create a small "moss ball" followed by the creation of the “arbor” using gold vine timber and a bonsai pot to display your kokedama. Throughout the remainder of the allocated time you will be given the opportunity to decorate your finished piece with pebbles to complete your unique display.

Thank you to MJC Botanical and Mappins Nursery & Aquarium for their generosity in supplying the expertise and materials for this workshop.

Travelling from interstate?

Please check with your local state or territory quarantine regulator about any restrictions around bringing your living art home with you. If you are unable to travel home with your sculpture, you are still welcome to participate in the workshop and then gift your piece of art to another local widowed person at camp.

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