Different after you

Presenter: Michele Neff Hernandez

When our world is turned upside down by death, grievers are frequently encouraged to “get back to normal.” But how? There is nothing “normal” about the person we love being physically missing from our lives.

What if instead of trying to recreate the past or even accept a new normal, we allow ourselves to be changed? When we integrate our person into our lives and acknowledge the change in perspective that grief provides, we can stop fighting our pain and start creating a life for the self that was born through tragedy.

Join Michele Neff Hernandez, Soaring Spirits CEO, author, widow, and advocate for a conversation about honoring what was in order to welcome what can be.

About Michele

Michele Neff Hernandez is the CEO and Founder of Soaring Spirits International. Michele founded the Soaring Spirits Resilience Centre at Schreiner University in Kerrville Texas and serves as the centre’s Director. She is also a speaker, a community activist who has received local, state, and national recognition, as well as the author of Different After You, her first book which was recently released.

Michele resides in Simi Valley, California with her three amazing kids, one great son-in-law and one very Australian husband.

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