Movement builds momentum

Presenter: Philippa Jordan-Hill

Philippa shares her heart-felt story of multiple losses, multiple challenges, and multiple blessings. You will feel comfortable with her openness, honesty, and warmth.

Through listening to Philippa’s story, you will understand that it’s OK to be where you are today. You are not alone. Philippa describes how the smallest movement starts to build momentum. You will be inspired to rediscover your own joy, pleasure, purpose and perspective as Philippa reveals the steps she took to regain hers.

About Philippa

Philippa and Mark were happily raising their two sons on their farm in rural Victoria when Mark’s sister, a widow, died unexpectedly in 2010. Mark and Philippa suddenly became carers for her two young, orphaned children.

Six years later, Mark, aged 46, drowned in a freak accident. The whole family was thrown into shock and grief once more. This time, Philippa had the additional challenges of raising three teenage boys and a 10-year-old girl without the support of Mark, while facing the steep learning curve of running a 300-acre working farm.

Gradually over the next five years, Philippa began to rebuild her life to the best of her abilities in honour of the legacy of Mark. She enjoys running their sheep farm and is continuously learning. When not working on the farm, she exchanges her work boots for sparkly high-heels and attempts various dance styles simply for the sheer delight of dancing. Philippa volunteers at an emergency relief centre and is a member of the public speaking organisation, Toastmasters International.

By far, Philippa’s proudest accomplishment is seeing the family that started as four; expand to six; and then become five, learn the power of the enduring bonds of love.

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