Workshop schedule


Saturday 15 May 2021

Camp Widow® Australia opening address
9am - 10:15am

Speakers: Rebecca Adams & Michele Neff Hernandez

Opening general session and welcome

Join First Light Widowed Association Founding Director Rebecca Adams, and Soaring Spirits International Founder and CEO and Camp Widow Founder, Michele Neff Hernandez as we welcome you to Camp Widow Australia 2021.

Opening session breakouts
10:30am - 11:45am

Please note that the time frames of widowhood are a guide only. Choose the workshop that aligns most closely to you.

Presenter: Michele Neff Hernandez

Newly widowed: support during the first year of widowhood

The Camp Widow newly widowed workshop is designed for those who have been widowed for less than a year. The content for this workshop is based on research undertaken through the Soaring Spirits Resilience Centre, Texas... [read more]

Presenter: Kate Nuttall

Recently widowed: tools and tips for healing for those widowed one to three years

The Camp Widow recently widowed workshop is designed for those who were widowed anywhere from one to three years ago. The content for this workshop is based on research undertaken through the... [read more]

Presenter: Carren Stapleton

Middle widowed: hope and healing for those widowed three to five years

The Camp Widow middle widowed workshop is designed for those widowed three to five years. These middle widowhood years are a time of searching, rebuilding and getting to know yourself within... [read more]

Presenter: Lauren Leslie Carr

Seasoned widowed: community building for those widowed five years and more

There are many common misconceptions about the length of time widowed people will need the support of their community. As widowed people continue to rebuild their lives, their need for access to and connection... [read more]

Block one
1pm - 2:30pm

Speaker: Michele Neff Hernandez

I miss the old me

Grief changes us, often without our permission. Where did my memory go? Why can't I concentrate? Will I ever feel like myself again? Join Soaring Spirits International founder, Michele Neff Hernandez, to discuss the emotional, mental and physical changes that... [read more]

Speaker: Lara Ryan

Keeping your cup full

Join experienced naturopath Lara Ryan as she shares her gentle, effective and natural strategies for managing anxiety and stress, looking after your nervous system and enjoying better health and more energy after experiencing trauma. In this workshop Lara will share... [read more]

Speaker: Rachel Pope

Gifts from grief

Highly admired for her positivity and work as a grief specialist, Rachel inspires people to recreate a life of gratitude, growth, and adventure, beyond loss. As someone who has experienced compounded loss in her life, Rachel’s personal mission is to lift the lid on grief... [read more]

Block two
3pm - 4:30pm

Speaker: Kate Nuttall

Tips that get me through

Kate’s session focusses on seven practices (or tips) that she found (and still uses) for those days when you feel like everything is on top of you. These practices have helped bring calm, energy and strength to keep moving forward when your life is... [read more]

Speaker: Natalie Lynch

My story and art therapy workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to start a daily drawing journal to heal your life. Adjusting to loss is a unique process for each and every person. Drawing is a simple tool that we can use to help us to process our emotions, feelings... [read more]

Speaker: Andrea Powles-Gullick

Opening your heart to love after loss

After becoming widowed in 2006 and being left with two small boys to raise, the thought of re-partnering and trusting in love was an incredibly nervous endeavour. Yet, after remarrying and welcoming another child into her life, Andrea opens.... [read more]

Speaker: Melissa Conley

Creative plant therapy workshop

Horticultural therapy and engaging with nature has been proven to have a positive impact on emotional wellbeing, helping to reduce stress, sadness, anger and feelings of isolation. Spending time in a creative plant workshop, getting your hands dirty, is a great way to... [read more]

Sunday 16 May 2021

Keynote address
9am - 10am

Speaker: Matt Golinski

Keynote address

Join Matt Golinski, for the keynote address. In December 2011, Matt lost his wife and three daughters in a house fire and spent four months in hospital with severe burns... [read more]

Block three
10:15am - 11:30am

Speaker: Robin Bailey

Raw and honest: my story

Robin has faced a lot of grief in her life: from the loss of her father at aged 11, to the suicide of her husband in 2014, and then the death of her soul mate in 2018. Robin has had to find a way to navigate life through heartbreak. Robin has never really spoken publicly... [read more]

Speaker: Julie Cross

It's all about YOU!

Julie shares her story of challenge, loss and grief and coming through the other side. In doing so, she will empower her audience with proven strategies to move into light, laughter and joy. You will be entertained, you will laugh and you may cry a little... [read more]

We have a widowed person for that
11:30am - 12:30pm

We have a widowed person for that

Every widowed experience is different, and yet the way the person you love died or your circumstances may influence how you grieve. Connecting with other people whose loved one died in the same way as yours can offer a unique and powerful... [read more]