Morning Yoga

Presented by: Paula Hindle

Enjoy a morning yoga session with your fellow campers! Paula looks forward to creating a calm, healing space for those wanting to start their day with a mindful practice.

About Paula

Paula was widowed by suicide in 2013 when she was 35, with two beautiful children who were two and four years old. Her husband had been acutely unwell with suicidal ideation for many years prior to his death.  Paula was a women’s health physiotherapist at the time, running her own private practice. From that tragic day, beyond the overwhelming grief and trauma she was experiencing, she remembers hearing a strong voice and guiding light inside urging her to hold onto hope and belief that she and the kids would be ok. She felt lost and lonely in her grief and trauma for many years but held onto that voice of hope guiding her to keep moving forward one day at a time. Paula certainly went through a phase of self-destruction to numb the overwhelming pain she was feeling, however that guiding voice and lifelong passion for health and wellness quickly became her anchor, guiding her back to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.  

Over the years Paula’s passion for holistic health and wellness grew as she experienced first-hand how vital it was to move from just barely surviving to actually thriving. She took a deep dive into holistic wellness, studying integrative health coaching, yoga, meditation, philosophy and going on a pilgrimage to India to find her purpose and rediscover herself after loss. It became clear that her dharma or purpose was to share the wisdom from her scars, that had come from the pain of her wounds.

Paula’s experience of living with a spouse with a terminal mental illness, and her grief and trauma from his suicide lead her to became deeply curious about happiness and the human experience. What does it take to live a happy and purposeful life? Her post traumatic purpose became clear; to support all beings to experience a life that is happy, healthy, purposeful and thriving.  

Today Paula works as a physiotherapist, integrative health coach and yoga/meditation teacher, supporting people towards health and happiness. She is also the co-founder of a business called Unlock Potential with former Olympian Libby Trickett, speaking about, and advocating for holistic health and wellness, running corporate health and wellness workshops, and hosting online memberships and programs to support people to live a life that is thriving, not just surviving. Paula can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!

Hope, community, understanding

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