Health is wealth - optimising personal advancement

In this session, Josh will take you on an  interactive journey through human movement,  nutrition and hydration. Exploring how how it is connected to us on an elemental level, and how we can enhance our mood and our state, therefore our lives, through understanding the greater connection between us as humans and what fuels our body’s and mind! 

Josh’s passion for nutrition comes from his late partner Haley who was diagnosed with Motor  Neuron Disease in 2016. As it has no cure Josh, Haley and there 13 month old daughter Stella Rayne went on a journey into the healing power of food, water and the power of POSITIVITY. 

If you haven’t heard of Positive Psychology you are  about to enter Josh’s world where he has  “Weaponised Positivity”. In this section of Josh’s  presentation you will have the opportunity to  discover the strengths that have been passed  down from your late loved ones and how to draw  on them when the grieving process gets  overwhelming. You will discover your birth given  strengths and the strengths you have acquired on  your quest thus far, and how to utilise them in times  of need.

About Josh

Josh Clayton is officially one of Australia’s fastest sheep shearers to date, and is now one of Australia’s  leading shearer trainers for Australian Wool  Innovation and has his own business where he  trains shearers, and the general population in movement, sports nutrition, sweat testing and  hydration plans.

Josh also supports his clients with positive psychology, neuro linguistic programming and hypnotherapy to get his clients  performing optimally!!  

Josh has trained four world record holders and many more to do personal best tallies. 

Josh’s story was not always a smooth path, with Josh in the midst of training for an attempt at a  shearing world record in 2016 when his partner was diagnosed with MND at 33 years old, and his  family’s life was turned upside down. 

Josh was widowed at the age of 33 and was left raising a 2.5 year old daughter. Josh didn’t quit on  his dream and got himself back to the top of his craft and got back into world record shearing  before stepping back into a trainers role in the shearing industry. 

Josh spends his time raising his now 9 year old daughter where he grew up on the edge of the Blue Mountains in NSW and supports many avenues of  the wool industry that he loves. 

Josh is continuing his studies through sports psychology as he loves working with athletes and  helping others reach their goals.

Hope, community, understanding

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