Request a Newly Widowed Pack

Our Newly Widowed Packs are mailed out free of charge and have been developed for those that are within the first year of widowhood.

They are a suite of hard-copy sheets containing information on different issues and challenges that are potentially faced when widowed young.

These packs have been designed and written by our young widowed community; they are the packs we wish we were given when we were newly widowed.

We understand the challenges of concentrating and processing information due to the impacts of grief. It is our hope that by providing this information in hard-copy format it will be easier to read, make notes and re-visit when needed.

Our Newly Widowed Packs will never be sent unsolicited.

If you are requesting a pack for someone else, we ask that you respect this person’s privacy and provide your name and address. The pack will be sent to you for delivery to your widowed person, by someone they know and trust.

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