There are many ways you can make a big difference

Want to know how you can support the work that we do at First Light? 

You can help by donating (as a one-off contribution, or becoming a regular giver), hosting an event for widowed people in your area, sponsoring us or introducing us to an organisation that may be able to, fundraising, subscribing as a gold member, volunteering your time, or organising to leave us a legacy donation in your will.

However you are able to assist, we value and appreciate your contribution.

First Light is a community. Our volunteers and supporters are at the heart of what we do, and our programs would not exist without help from our community.

Hope, community, understanding

Join our community for access to information, resources, events, and a network of widowed people for peer support. Joining is free, with options to become a financial supporter to keep us running and helping others.