Unique comfort and support

Our research and personal experience has shown that one of the most helpful and beneficial things that widowed people have done to move through their grief was connecting with other widowed people who can offer the unique comfort and support that comes with shared experience.

Local Catch Ups embody the heart of First Light’s mission to create and foster a community of young widowed people, that supports and inspires our members to rebuild their lives after the death of a partner or spouse.

Attendance at our Local Catch Up events, for some, marks a brave first step towards connecting with other young widowed people and hopefully lead them towards finding much needed camaraderie, friendship and understanding.

Hosted by widowed people

Our Local Catch Ups are all hosted by widowed people who have volunteered their time to First Light and understand how nerve-wracking it can be to branch out of your comfort zone and meet new people, particularly when you’re grieving. Our volunteers work hard to ensure these informal, non-structured events are a safe and supportive experience held in easily-accessible public places, where our members can share and speak openly.

For more information about our Local Catch Ups email [email protected] or check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Hope, community, understanding

Join our community for access to information, resources, events, and a network of widowed people for peer support. Joining is free, with options to become a financial supporter to keep us running and helping others.