First Light Widowed Association is a community...

It’s a network, it’s a source of information and resources, and it’s a directory that can connect you to further support throughout Australia.

Our goal is to create programs that make it easy for young widowed people to connect with each other as they find their way through their grief. We also want to raise awareness about the unique and difficult challenges of being widowed before the natural course of life events, and build understanding around the best way to support young widowed people as they navigate their new reality.

Here's how we help young widowed people

We dreamt of an organisation that we wish had existed when we were first widowed

During those first few weeks and months of life after the loss of our spouses, everything felt tough and overwhelming.

We wish we had a place where we could go for resources, information, advice, and a network of people who understood what we were going through. So, later, we created one to bring the support that we wish we had to others.

Hope, community, understanding

Join our community for access to information, resources, events, and a network of widowed people for peer support. Joining is free, with options to become a financial supporter to keep us running and helping others.