Where to begin

You are experiencing a major life event you could never prepare for. Grief turns your world inside out and back to front. Everything that once made sense to you no longer does. It can be an incredibly confusing, painful and lonely time.

You are doing the absolute best that you can right now, and that is more than okay.

This guide has been written by widowed people who have walked this path and drawn from their personal experiences. We hope that this information may be helpful to you at this time.

Understanding grief

Dealing with others

Making decisions

Taking care of yourself

You're not doing it 'wrong'

Coping with the funeral

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It can be hard to retain the information that we read when we’re grieving. However, it’s been shown that having a physical copy of the information can help, so we offer Newly Widowed Packs with printed summaries of information and resources for newly widowed people.

You can request for a pack to be mailed out to you, free of charge below. You can also choose to donate the costs of your pack; to help us continue to provide this resource to other newly widowed people.

Hope, community, understanding

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