Community membership application form

As a community member we will add you to our mailing list to keep you up to date with all our association news and events. You are also invited to contribute to our community by helping us fundraise; accessing our secure and private online forum where you can connect with other widowed people who can offer understanding, validation and comfort; and participating in our events. However you chose the level of participation that you’re comfortable with.

Membership to First Light isn't just for widowed people! We welcome family and friends of widowed people along with support workers and anyone else interested in supporting  widowed people in moving through grief and rebuilding their lives.

By completing this form, as a member of First Light Widowed Association Inc., I agree to support the vision and mission of the association.

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*This information must be provided by widowed people wishing to attend our events, join our online group and be added to our widowed mail list.

This information will help us to develop resources to meet our membership needs. This information will be kept confidential to the First Light Widowed Association Management Committee and any data used will not be associated with individual members.

Would you like to help and be involved?

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