Introducing First Light

Our community

Members of our young widowed community share, in their own words, how support and resources from First Light Widowed Association have made a difference to their grief.

Highlights from Camp Widow Australia

‘Camp Widow’ sounds like an unusual concept, and while the topic of our event is indeed sad, our three-day conference/retreat is actually a very inspiring and uplifting place.

Camp Widow focuses on providing practical tools, valuable resources and peer-based encouragement for rebuilding your life in the aftermath of the death of a spouse or partner – all in a positive, caring atmosphere. 

Of course there are emotional moments when we talk about our loss which are both healing and natural, but the focus of Camp Widow is on what lies ahead in our lives. It is liberating and validating to spend time with others who share a similar experience.

Testimonials from Camp Widow Australia

 Camp Widow participants share, in their own words, how attending Camp Widow Australia has helped them personally.