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Hosted by: Chris Martin & Murray Arkadieff

Presenter and panellist from last year’s Camp, Murray Arkadieff, will join us again to co-host a round table discussion, just for men, along with ‘Just a Dad’s’ Chis Martin.

Murray and Chris understand the struggle men can have with connecting and showing vulnerability. They will create a safe space where our widowers can chat privately, discuss the topics that are often difficult to raise in mixed company and encourage ongoing support within the group.

All topics, thoughts, comments, and questions are welcome.

About Chris

Originally from Melbourne and now settled in the beautiful northern rivers of NSW, Chris Martin is Solo Dad to his two gorgeous children, Grace, aged 14 and Albi, aged 10, after losing his wife Renee to kidney cancer, aged 39, in April 2015. Not content with letting their catastrophic loss define his family’s life, and equally determined to leverage his experiences to help others, Chris has authored Just a Dad, a blog aimed at voicing the trials and tribulations of life as a solo dad after loss.

With a focus on encouraging men in particular, to connect and share their hardships, Chris, a self-proclaimed “normal bloke”, speaks and writes with a raw, entertaining and brutally honest voice, something Australian men traditionally have struggled to do in a society that promotes male stoicism.

About Murray

Murray Arkadieff is a second-generation beekeeper who manages over 1,200 hives of European bees for honey production and vital pollination work. With degrees in Commerce and Economics, Murray left the corporate world some years ago to return to his first love – the Australian bush and bees.

Murray lost his wife when his two sons were very young and has juggled solo parenting, grief and working in the agricultural industry. He has a keen interest in how men process grief and the male experience of grief. You can hear more about his life and work here.

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