First Light Widowed Association was founded by Brisbane friends Rebecca Adams, Lauren Leslie and Carren Stapleton who met in a Facebook support group for young Australian widows.

By sharing their experience and connecting through their common grief, fears and frustrations, the trio realised that despite having wonderfully-supportive family and friends, their greatest comfort and relief had come from the unique friendships they'd made with other widowed people. It was this support and understanding that helped them through their darkest days.

Inspired and encouraged by a friend and mentor who started a similar organisation in the United States, Rebecca became determined to create a similar resource for Australian widowed people and teamed up with Lauren and Carren to navigate the process of establishing a not-for-profit organisation here in Australia.

Rebecca, Lauren and Carren have worked tirelessly to bring First Light Widowed Association to life.  By meeting regularly at nights and weekends, the three women combined their shared strengths and expertise; undertook further studies; and reached out to family, friends and other inspiring women in the Brisbane not-for-profit community to help support and guide them while they made their shared vision a reality.

The founding directors of First Light are proud and honoured to bring the same peer-based support that helped them through their own darkest days to other widowed people navigating their own difficult journeys.

Our story – founding directors