Mastering money

Donna is an exceptional, award-winning Financial Adviser with a unique holistic approach to money. 

Donna is a relatable individual who faced the tragedy of losing her husband at a young age, and has embarked on her passion – to support and uplift those who are navigating the complex journey of grief and help  them rebuild their lives with newfound purpose and financial independence.  

Join this captivating and engaging advocate, for an interactive workshop. Through a unique blend of education, practical tips and a sprinkle of spirituality and light-heartedness, Donna will guide you on a path towards fulfilling your goals and envisioning a brighter and more certain future.  

It’s no secret that facing financial challenges can take a toll on one’s mental well-being. However,  there is hope. Donna’s workshop offers a refreshing approach by helping you visualise your goals and  aligning them with the necessary financial outcomes. Donna empowers you to navigate the  challenges and hurdles of life after loss with renewed confidence.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with Donna. Together, let’s unlock  the potential within and forge a path to a brighter future, filled with both financial stability and  emotional well-being. 

About Donna

Donna’s life seemed perfectly set. With a solid plan and financial stability, she believed she had it all figured out. However, fate had a different idea. Tragedy struck when her beloved husband passed  away unexpectedly at the tender age of 39, leaving Donna alone to raise their two young children. Despite her then 25 years of experience working in Financial Services, including being a financial adviser for many years, she was still caught off guard by the challenges and responsibility of  managing her finances and rebuilding her life – a life she never wanted without her husband by her  side.  

Driven by her personal journey, Donna now dedicates this extensive knowledge and experience to supporting individuals navigating the tumultuous aftermath of losing a partner. She helps them make informed decisions during a time when grief and the challenges of life after loss threaten to overwhelm them. 

Donna’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and transformation power of  tragedy. Through her unwavering determination and heartfelt mission, she has transformed her own pain into a guiding light for others, offering them financial guidance and support they need to rebuild  their lives after loss.

Hope, community, understanding

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