The widowed at work

Whether you have returned to work, are thinking about it, are finding it really hard to manage or wondering what “work” means after losing your person, this session will give you tips to prepare for your return and help you settle back into the workplace.

Kate’s workshop draws from her experience as a widow, employee and HR professional. 

In her workshop Kate will take you through some practical steps to help you navigate work and all it’s complexity once you have lost a partner.

Kate has divided the workshop into 5 areas of focus for some candid conversations

  • Returning to work: what to expect and decisions to make.  What you can ask your employer to consider.
  • Self care and returning to work.
  • The dreaded coffee conversations.
  • What does being widowed mean for your career?
  • What if it all goes pear shaped?

Kate is happy to take questions or topics ahead of the session or throughout camp to ensure folk get the most out of it – “Just get me before I have champagne!” If you would like to to submit a question or topic please email us

About Kate

Kate Nuttall, is a member of the First Light Widowed Advisory Board and was widowed in 2017 after her husband suffered a brief, yet sudden illness (pneumonia).  At the time of Tim’s death, Kate and Tim had 3 young children together and Tim had two children from a previous marriage.  Kate found herself juggling kids, work, grief, selling assets and winding up businesses and is forever grateful for the support networks she had around her.

Almost 7 years on Kate is Tennis Australia’s Chief Diversity and People Officer, has repartnered and added two more step children to her blended family.  Throughout her career, Kate is known for her ability to build teams and bring passion and pride into the People function. She encourages all people interactions to be made stronger and more impactful through courage, empathy and kindness.  Kate’s perspective on culture and what good HR and people management is shifted after her own life changing experience in losing her partner.

Throughout a distinguished career in Human Resources, Kate has held roles at some of Australia – and the world’s – most iconic brands, including Qantas, NAB, Mondelez, George Western Foods, and Air New Zealand.

Kate is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s IWF Fellows Program, and holds a Masters of Human Resources Management from the University of Western Australia, and a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations and a Bachelor of Business from Vitoria University.

Kate is looking forward to applying her experience as a widow and human resources leader to deliver a session at Camp Widow to help people navigate careers and the workplace after losing their partner.

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