Love after loss: a panel discussion

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Facilitator: Carren Stapleton

Panellists: Donna and Greg, Lee-Anne and Michel, Kate and Peter

Join our facilitator Carren Stapleton, and our panel, for a conversation about navigating love after loss. Our panel will discuss those early days of realising this may be love, or the days of dating and “this was never meant to be love!”; along with the complexities that may arise with finding love again and the challenges, emotions and reality that can come with this.

Our panel of couples, Kate and Peter, along with widowed couples Donna and Greg and Lee-Anne and Michel, will engage in a discussion and share their stories of love after loss, blending families, the impact of young widowhood on new relationships and how they navigate everyday life including the highs, the lows and everything in between.

Hope, community, understanding

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