Yoga for healing and nervous system regulation

Learn how to navigate the multitude of emotions you may experience on your healing journey, such as grief, sadness, anger and loneliness with yoga and practices to regulate your nervous system. 

In the workshop Paula will provide education on Poly vagal theory & nervous system states; how to check in with your body to identify your nervous system state, and then which tools & strategies we can use to regulate.

This workshop will include some practical components – breath work and some muscle activation/relaxation – that participants can do from their seats.

About Paula

Paula Hindle was widowed by suicide in 2013 when her children were two and four years old.

Paula is a holistic physiotherapist, whose career passion is working with women to guide and connect them with the innate wisdom of their bodies and to follow their hearts toward a life that is joyful and free. 

Paula has a Bachelor of Exercise Science, a Masters of Physiotherapy and is an integrative health coach and yoga teacher. She has worked in both private practice and hospital settings in obstetrics and gynaecology as well as coaching in the fitness sector where Paula empowers women with guidance and tools to live a healthy and vibrant life. 

Paula is the founder of online health and wellness platform Unlock Potential, which she created with gold medallist and Olympian, Libby Trickett. The mission of Unlock Potential is to inspire women through health and wellness, to live a life that is “thriving, not just surviving”. She is also the creator of UPGirls, a program designed to support and empower tween and teen girls to thrive with tools to create positive mindset, resilience, confidence, period positivity, and a healthy body image. 

Paula is part of the medical and allied health care team at Vera Women’s Wellness in the Samford Valley, where they provide personalised, holistic care and support to heal, restore and empower women to achieve their best health. 

Paula is also a vibrant and inspirational speaker. 

As well as her professional pursuits, Paula is a loving Mum of two beautiful teenagers, Andrew and Cleo, which is her greatest privilege and most important job!

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