We have a widowed person for that

Every widowed experience is different, and yet the way the person you love died or your circumstances may influence how you grieve. Connecting with other people whose loved one died in the same way as yours can offer a unique and powerful comfort as you move through your grief. Connecting with other people who share similar life circumstances can offer tremendous support.

Tables will be set up and assigned to a particular group, in order to facilitate connection to others. This is a networking style activity, where participants can move from table to table to chat with others.

As an example, groups may include: widowed suddenly, widowed by illness, widowed by cancer, widowed by suicide, widowed with children, widowed without a chance to have children, widowed LGBTQIA+, widowed and not married, widowed and re-partnered.

The second part of this session will be dedicated to connecting people by state and region.

Hope, community, understanding

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