Join our online member’s group

One of the most common words that widowed people use to describe how they feel after the death of their spouse is 'lonely'. 

Even when we're surrounded by family and friends, the sense of loneliness and not quite 'fitting in' can be overwhelming.  However connecting with other widowed people can make us feel heard, understood and validated. 

Our online member's group is for those under 60 at the time they were widowed. It is a safe space where widowed people can share their stories and connect with other widowed people , day or night from the comfort of their own homes.

Take a look, join a conversation, or share a photo…we look forward to meeting you.

To join our online member's group, you must first be a member of First Light Widowed Association.

Information on joining the group is provided via email to new members. If you are an existing member of the association and would like information on how to join the online group, please email us at [email protected]