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February 7, 2017
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April 2, 2017

We’ve been asked in the past why we included the word ‘widow‘ in the name of our organisation, implying that it’s a terrible word that our members wouldn’t want to association with… well, sorry to tell you, but it’s hard to get around it!

First of all – when we all found ourselves in this club that no one wants to join and went searching online for resources, the word ‘widow’ is what we had to type into google! Considering that our goal is to find and help widowed people, it seemed like a pretty straight forward choice.

But secondly, and most importantly, we don’t believe that the word ‘widow’ is something to be ashamed of or hide from. Of course no one would actually CHOOSE to be a widow, it’s not a title you seek or strive for. But in our experience, widowed people are some of the strongest, bravest, most empathetic, beautiful and inspirational people we’ve ever met.

To us, the word widow represents being thrown into the depths of hell and coming out the other side. It represents strength like you wouldn’t believe and it also tells the world that we’ve loved and been loved and that love didn’t end. We’re not ‘single’, we’re widowed. And we’re not ashamed of that title.


  1. Rhonda Braban says:

    My name is Rhonda.
    This coming week is the 3rd anniversary of losing my husband to suicide.
    We had been together for 40 years and were travelling the World house and pet sitting.
    For months I was in a fog. The pain seemed insurmountable. I was fortunate that my D-in-law found a grief after suicide support service.
    I found while family and friends were supportive there is an expectation that I should now have ‘moved on’.
    However I miss hm as much today as the first day.
    Your group speaks of young widows. Is it open to older people? . I am a very young 70’year old who still travels extensively.
    I live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
    Best wishes

    • Lauren Leslie says:

      Dear Rhonda

      First Light is open to all widowed people regardless of age – we are so glad to hear from you.

      I also lost my husband to suicide and am approaching the 6th anniversary this month. Whilst life has gotten easier since the first and second year, I still have bad days when anniversaries creep up or just plain miss him so very much. I can definitely relate to the expectations of friends and family to ‘let go’ – it’s something that I’ve struggled with over the years and why I found reaching out to other widowed people so helpful as they truly understand that you never really let go of the love and loss of a partner.

      It’s great to hear that you are still enjoying travel – that’s certainly something I hope to do more of but always imagined I’d be doing it with a partner.

      Thank you for making contact with us Rhonda – you’ve come to the right place and I’m sure you’ll find friends here.

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