General session and welcome

Rebecca Adams

Join First Light Widowed Association President and Executive Director Rebecca Adams, for this general session and welcome.

About Rebecca

First Light co-founder, president and Executive Director, Rebecca Adams, never imaged that her life would end up being dedicated to helping young widowed people. However, she also could never have imagined that she would lose her newlywed husband to depression unexpectedly at the tender age of 33.

Ten years on, Rebecca has navigated her way through the devastation and trauma of young widowhood to rebuild a full and happy life. She now has a passion to ensure that others who find themselves in her position, have access to the resources, programs and support that she wished existed for her.

A former journalist and communications advisor, Rebecca now draws upon her leadership skills, vision and commitment to serving widowed people, to drive the First Light team towards our goal of being a nationally-recognised forerunner in the field of widowed support and grief support awareness.

Hope, community, understanding

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