Art therapy - drawing with paper

Presenter: Natalie Lynch

Come learn the foundational skills for developing a creative practice that will become a powerful ally and resource in your life, helping you to make sense of your suffering and build resilience. Using simple art materials and techniques you will learn how easy it is to use creative expression to support your mental health and well-being.

This workshop is for you if: 

  • you struggle with overwhelm.
  • want help to practice mindfulness.
  • need a hobby that leads to a fulfilling life of creative expression.

Natalie will start with a short introduction to explain the difference between the art you made when you were at school and the therapeutic benefits of dabbling in art as an adult.

Then, with step-by-step instructions, visual inspirations, and a supply of unique papers and ephemera, Natalie will cover all the necessary know-how, to create beautiful cut paper pictures. 

You’ll be encouraged to turn your favourite photo (or be inspired by the images supplied) into a unique and charming, personalised artwork that you’ll cherish forever. 

Art as a hobby is endlessly rewarding and collage is a fun and easy (and very affordable) technique that allows you to be creative no matter what your skill level. Collage is also a wonderful process for creating pages in an art journal or greeting cards etc. 

“My aim is to empower adults to use their innate creativity and develop their art skills so that they always have a source of light in their life.” – Natalie Lynch

About Natalie

Natalie Lynch is a creativity expert and advocate for using art as therapy. Combining her love of art, with lessons learned from her real-life experiences, Natalie founded Studio Yellow in 2016 where she runs unique workshops and programs, teaching adults how to reignite their creativity and make their own art for the therapeutic benefits.

Natalie taught in both primary and secondary schools, as a specialist art teacher for almost 30 years, giving her plenty of experience in supporting beginners as they explore art concepts and skills. She also understands the importance of nurturing and maintaining good mental health after her husband of 22 years, lost his battle to depression in 2009.

Guided by this life-changing experience, as well as her love of people, she is able to help others effect change in their lives by unlocking their creativity.

Natalie is a mother of two, a practising artist, art therapist and a bachelor qualified art teacher. She is passionate about improving lives by empowering people with art-making skills, teaching them how to express their feelings and emotions, and helping them unplug from technology and get back to making things with their hands.

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