My story and art therapy workshop

Presenter: Natalie Lynch

In this workshop, you will learn how to start ‘creative journaling’ to heal your life.

Adjusting to loss is a unique process for each and every person. Drawing is a simple tool that we can use to help us to process and regulate our emotions, feelings, and behaviours at a time when life can be so difficult to navigate.

Natalie will share her own story about how art and creativity helped her process the sudden loss of her husband in 2009. She will also share her wealth of knowledge from her career as an Art Teacher and now Art Therapist, to help you discover the power of art and creativity as a healing tool even if you can’t remember the last time you used art materials.

You will be guided through simple drawing tasks to help you to find the confidence you need to use ‘creative expression’ in your search for a little peace of mind.

No art experience is required.

About Natalie

Natalie Lynch is a creativity expert and advocate for using art as therapy. Combining her love of art, with lessons learned from her real-life experiences, Natalie founded Studio Yellow in 2016 where she runs unique workshops and programs, teaching adults how to reignite their creativity and make their own art for the therapeutic benefits.

Natalie taught in both primary and secondary schools, as a specialist art teacher for almost 30 years, giving her plenty of experience in supporting beginners as they explore art concepts and skills. She also understands the importance of nurturing and maintaining good mental health after her husband of 22 years, lost his battle to depression in 2009.

Guided by this life-changing experience, as well as her love of people, she is able to help others effect change in their lives by unlocking their creativity.

Natalie is a mother of two, a practising artist, art therapist and a bachelor qualified art teacher. She is passionate about improving lives by empowering people with art-making skills, teaching them how to express their feelings and emotions, and helping them unplug from technology and get back to making things with their hands.

Thank you to Studio Yellow for their generosity in supplying the expertise and materials for this workshop.

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