Zinta’s sponsorship helps First Light reach many

Resolve Estate Law founder Zinta Harris understands more than most the impact the death of a spouse has on every aspect of a person’s life. In her quest to provide more support to her clients, she discovered First Light Widowed Association. Through her ongoing sponsorship and promotion of our charity, she has seen First Light achieve many milestones, including bringing the international Camp Widow® program to Australia and helping to launch our free Newly Widowed Packs. 

Zinta Harris knows all too well how important First Light is to widowed people across Australia.

The Resolve Estate Law founder specialises in wills and estates, particularly those that need attending to after someone has died. 

Zinta has been working with widowed clients for 25 years, and has learnt a lot about grief.

She has also written the book, Rest in Peace – how to manage an estate dispute without inheriting heartache, and supported a good friend through the death of their partner.

It was through her work and these experiences that she discovered First Light.

“I’ve had a lot of clients talk to me as if I were their counsellor, so I started looking for ways to support them – because I am not a qualified counsellor and as a lawyer I’m a very expensive one!” she says.

“I set about looking for organisations in Queensland primarily, who support those who are grieving.”

Zinta reached out to First Light in 2020 and she has been a valued corporate sponsor ever since.

“It’s not about joining an organisation hoping for new clients, it’s about partnering with an organisation that I can refer my existing clients to for support,” she says.

“There comes a time in everyone’s journey where you’ve been through some sort of adversity, and you feel like you’re able to give back to the community.”

Zinta says the support, particularly the practical advice, First Light provides to widowed Australians is invaluable.

“When you’re grieving you can barely remember where you put the keys, let alone anything else,” she says.

“But death admin and the red tape that’s required of people is never-ending, and it can often be the last straw on top of facing everything else.

“Having that help and support from an organisation like First Light is really important.”

In addition to its financial contribution, Resolve Estate Law also promotes First Light on its website, in the hope it will reach as many people who need it as possible.

“When one of our clients is widowed, we include First Light’s Newly Widowed Pack in the information we provide to them,” she says, adding it’s about giving them the support they need to get through each day.

As a not-for-profit charity, First Light relies on donations and support from our sponsors to enable us to deliver our programs to widowed people throughout Australia. 

Corporate sponsorship of our organisation shows our community that your business supports them in their grief journey and stands with them as they seek to rebuild their lives with hope, community and understanding. 

To discuss sponsorship packages please contact us at [email protected]

Hope, community, understanding

Join our community for access to information, resources, events, and a network of widowed people for peer support. Joining is free, with options to become a financial supporter to keep us running and helping others.