Frequently asked questions


Camp Widow® sounds like a place to sit and cry. Is it really an uplifting event?

We understand that Camp Widow® sounds like an unusual concept. While the topic of our event is indeed sad, we have found that Camp Widow® is actually a very inspiring and uplifting place. We laugh, we share dark humor, we allow space for lightness and a break from the reality of being in charge of all the responsibilities that were once shared.

Of course there are emotional moments when we talk about our loss which are both healing and natural, but the focus of Camp Widow® is on what lies ahead in our lives. It is liberating and validating to spend time with others who have shared a similar experience. This in itself means that you don’t have to wear a brave face or keep difficult thoughts and feelings to yourself. At Camp Widow®, we all get it!

How much does it cost to attend Camp Widow® Australia?


  • Conference registration fee: $215
  • Early bird registration until 9 July 2020: $190

We estimate the full cost of delivering Camp Widow® Australia to be $430 per person, however, First Light Widowed Association is committed to making this an affordable event and ensuring as many people as possible can access this wonderful program. Therefore, due to fundraising efforts of our management committee and our community, we are able to subsidise the registration fee and sell tickets for a reduced price of $215 per person for the weekend program.

What does the registration fee cover?


Saturday, 15 May 2021:

  • Welcome address
  • Camper welcome bag
  • Full day of speakers, workshops and discussions
  • Memorial activity
  • Welcome tea and coffee
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Seafood and carvery buffet dinner (drinks not included)
  • Connections within our widowed community that you can build on and take forward with you after the event.

Sunday, 16 May 2021:

  • Keynote address
  • Half day of speakers, workshops and discussions
  • Light on-the-go breakfast
  • Morning tea
  • Closing remarks over an extended farewell lunch in the main restaurant (selection of soft drinks included)
  • Connections within our widowed community that you can build on and take forward with you after the event.

*Travel and accommodations are not included in the registration fee

I don’t know anyone and am feeling very nervous about coming to camp alone. Will there be other people also attending solo?

A: YES, many widowed people come to camp having never met anyone else who is attending. Throughout the weekend, we will provide you with opportunities for meeting other people both individually and in small groups. We promise that you won't be the only person attending camp alone, and by taking the risk and joining us for this event, you will meet people who get you, and very likely make friendships that will last a lifetime.

There don’t seem to be many men at Camp Widow®. Is this program only for women?

A: Camp Widow® is for anyone who has lost a life partner regardless of gender, age, religious background, sexual orientation, married or not married, and for those who have remarried as well. We’ve all lived through the loss of a life partner, and the energy created by this unique bond is incredible.

There have definitely been more women than men at previous camps, but we hope as word spreads about this program that not only will more men attend Camp Widow®, but that general support for widowers will continue to grow.

Will you hold Camp Widow® in other locations?

A: Previously, Camp Widow® has only been held in the USA and Canada. The team at First Light have been working with Soaring Spirits for three years to bring this event to Australia.

As this is the first time we’ve hosted Camp Widow® here, there are many unknown variables, including how well-attended and viable this and future events will be. It is certainly one of First Light’s goals to continue delivering the Camp Widow® program to our community but this will depend, on some extent, to the success of our first Brisbane event.

We are conscious of growing the Australian Camp Widow® program at a pace that is sustainable and allows us to ensure that we offer a quality event. With those goals in mind, we are exploring ideas and opportunities for hosting additional camps, but have no specific plans at this stage.

Does First Light make a profit on the Camp Widow® program?

A: No. In fact, the cost of tickets to attend the weekend’s events is heavily subsidised through fundraising, grants and sponsorships. This is important to us, as we want to make the event as affordable as possible for attendees.

To fulfil our dream of making Camp Widow® a low cost program, we are actively seeking reputable corporate sponsorships for subsidising our camp events. If you, your company, or someone in your circle would be interested in supporting the life-changing work of the Camp Widow® program, we’d love to talk!

Why do you hold Camp Widow® at a fancy hotel?

A: The Stamford Plaza Brisbane is one of the leading function centres in Brisbane and also features accommodation on site, ensuring comfort and easy stress-free access for our campers. This level of hotel allows us all the planning tools we need, access to an expert on-site event planning team and has the space available to accommodate not only a block of hotel rooms, but also the numerous break out rooms our event requires.

The Stamford Plaza Brisbane has an exceptional record of customer service, and also allows our campers a get-away that pampers them in body, while the weekend energy feeds their souls.

Do I qualify as a widowed person?

A: Recognising the depth and diversity of the widowed community, First Light employs a very broad definition of the word “widow.” Any widowed person is welcome to attend our Camp Widow® weekends: married, never married, planning to be married, divorced at the time of death, people of all sexes and genders, straight, LGBQT, religious, not religious, widowed people with kids, and those without kids, complicated or conventional relationships... anyone who has outlived the person with whom they’d planned to spend the rest of their life fits into our definition of widowed.

Who do I contact about cancelling my registration?

A: Information regarding cancellation, event changes and contact details can be found here.

How can I help?

A: We are a not-for-profit charity, entirely run by volunteers, and every dollar we raise is put towards delivering our programs for our community. The generosity of our donors, volunteers (including our volunteer speakers and presenters) and sponsors is critical to the success of Camp Widow®.

There are many ways you can support us in delivering Camp Widow® Australia, including:

  • making a donation
  • fundraising
  • support a camper by covering the registration cost of a widowed person who can’t afford to attend the event
  • volunteer at the event
  • provide corporate sponsorship
  • be an event presenter.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us at [email protected]