Tribute tiles

We invite you to join us in creating a moving Wall of Love.

Bring your loved one into the Camp Widow® space with a tribute tile. Each tile measures approximately 9cm x 9cm. Each tile will be displayed on our Wall of Love, a portable display that will be moved to different locations throughout the conference over the weekend.

Tribute tiles are printed with a photo of your choice and each tile may be printed with text meaningful to you. Tiles are designed and ordered by our Memorial team and added to the memorial wall at Camp Widow®.

The Wall of Love allows you to bring your loved one in to the conference space and gives you the opportunity to share your photo with others. The tile is yours to take home at the end of the conference and we hope it provides a visual reminder of the hope, community and understanding you found and experienced at Camp Widow®.

Tiles may be purchased for $14.95 each as part of the registration process, or ordered after registration by emailing [email protected]. You are welcome to purchase more than one copy of your tile, as a gift for family members and other loved ones. Information regarding supplying your photo and text will be sent to you after registration is complete.

Example only. Tile appearance and display will differ for Camp Widow® Australia.